The Real Life Of Space

“The Space Review” by Rick Ellis is an interesting, but brief look into what life space travel may be all about. This review isn’t going to cover in depth about any of the systems and propulsion systems that are featured on this text. I’ll just say that this text does make some interesting points about space travel, especially if you like sci-fi/fantasy. It’s also just a fun read with some good advice about living and working in space.

Rick Ellis first introduced us to the Space Shuttle as it was being designed and built. The book then delves into the history of space flight, as we have known it and some of the historical and technological developments that have taken place. Throughout this period we have seen many different forms of space vehicles used. Some of these have been used for research and others for actual manned spaceflights. Through the use of this text we get a behind the scenes look into how these vehicles actually work and what goes on during the flight.

The book also reviews some of the more famous spaceships we have launched into space such as the Space Shuttles and the Columbia. These two space ships briefly touch on the history of these famous capsules. They also provide some interesting details on the experiments that took place while astronauts were living in them. These experiments provided valuable information about the effects that weightlessness and zero gravity can have on the human body. This review could definitely make a good introduction to those interested in space travel, or to those who have always wanted to learn more about these exciting adventures.

If you’re interested in space travel and long-term exploration, this book will keep you interested. There are plenty of technical details throughout the text, which should entice anyone to want to know more. However, there is a lot of practical advice as well. This review wouldn’t be complete without giving the readers some useful information on how these explorers lived out their lives. The layout of the various habitats they used, the food they ate, how they moved around, and the manner in which they cleaned and maintained themselves, are discussed in great detail.

The author’s own life has been extremely close to those she writes about in this book. She spent eighteen days as an astronaut in space. The experiences and life lessons learned from those times are shared throughout this inspiring memoir. Those who haven’t even set foot in space yet would definitely gain inspiration reading this book. Even those who have been to space think differently about how they would like to live in space in the future because of reading this Life Space Review.

This book definitely isn’t for the person who’s afraid of heights. It’s for everyone else who’s interested in the challenges and adventures that astronauts went through, and the exciting technology that is being used today to reach those goals. Reading this review gives anyone with an avid interest in space a sense of what is to come and a peek into how important these discoveries are. Anyone who is serious about exploring space should seriously consider this fascinating read.

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